Welcome to Paradise! Pura Vida… Whatever you have read or heard about the beautiful wildlife of Costa Rica is true. Once outside the city it’s a veritable Garden of Eden with the most impressive of mountains & volcanoes running through the core of the country, heavily forested slopes, teeming with wildlife running down to beautiful Pacific & Caribbean beaches either side. A more gorgeous country or more fabulous climate does not exist with amazing diversity of flora & fauna. Once here you will never want to leave. We couldn’t.

Perpetual summer weather regardless of the season, blue skies, pristine forests, gurgling streams, fabulous beaches with multiple opportunities for many varied outdoor activities in addition to bird watching.

Costa Rica is very much geared up for tourists, offering a variety of accommodations from back packer hostels to super luxury hotels, something for all tastes. Nature lovers are particularly well catered for with some stunning hotels located in the most gorgeous places.

The roads here take a little longer to navigate than roads at home due in part to the mountainous nature of the country & the need to construct roads going around the steepest of them.

English is fairly widely spoken in hotels & with guides.

It is best to have either the local currency (Colone) or US Dollars & remember not to change currency at the airport where the exchange rte is poor.

Bugs can be a problem in certain areas, generally not too bad, just bring repellant & of course sun cream.



A peaceful country of happy people disbanding its army in 1948 redirecting the savings to Health & Education & now the world’s leading role model for Eco tourism but also a well developed place where a strong modern infrastructure exists.

Bird Watchers from around the world flock to Costa Rica to see some of the last preserved forests of their kind in the world & some of the rarest bird species, providing a home for some of the most fascinating & beautiful birds & this country recognises above all the value of protecting both the environment & its biodiversity for generations to come.

You cannot imagine how beautiful this country is & coupled with the beautiful year round climate & huge amount of avian life… You have to visit..