For your enjoyment, we make our tours are the best you could possibly imagine. We can happily produce a one size fits all itinerary if that suits, however our bespoke service is geared to the birding & nature enthusiast who wishes to see the best Costa Rica has to offer & not a ‘bucket shop’, above all we offer the discerning bird watcher choice, using the best local knowledge for the most competitive price & through free no obligation consultations we willingly share our knowledge & love for the birds & wildlife of Costa Rica with you to find out precisely what you want. It simply makes sense.

There are literally hundreds of protected areas in Costa Rica, (nearly 25% of the country falls into this category), National Parks & ‘secret’ private reserves, (accessible sometimes only to us) in Costa Rica that we have researched, visited & know all about.

Far too many in fact to draw a list of here, but certain characteristics from our consultation with you will suggest to us what you will enjoy most & that will enable us to construct the best itinerary for you.

We will typically take in a variety of National Parks & Privately owned Reserves where individuals & communities inspired by the beautiful wild & bird life of this country & recognising its value have set up their own protection zones of wide areas & created much needed jobs in often very rural areas. We try our best to support such initiatives & encourage our guests to do likewise for the good of the country, its wildlife & for future generations.

Your holiday will take you to often undiscovered beauty spots well off the beaten track & give you the satisfaction of pioneering some untouched places in Costa Rica. (We don’t generally visit the well known Monte Verde Cloud Forest for example as there are simply too many tourists there & we know many far better places with more birds where you may never see another tourist).